Jive Xmas Show '22

December 23, 2022 8:00 PM

Hosted by Busseys, Ebony Emili & Puree

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The festive season is indeed upon us, and that seems as good a reason as any to throw an epic cool party at JIVE!

Picture it: you flash the security your ID. They’re doubtful it’s you bc you had a dumb haircut a few years ago and were wearing a hat before the pic was taken. They let you in anyway, so you stride in and order yourself a Fanta with a single slice of lemon on the rocks, neat… you look to the stage and NO WAY. Purée are picking up their instruments. What follows is 40 minutes of the sweetest indie rock ever delivered by the sweetest band ever.

Wiping sweat from your forehead and catching your breath, you make your way through the crowd back to the bar. You’re exhausted, so again it’s time to hydrate. The bartender knows your order by now, but you stop them. ‘Bartender, make it a double.’ Fanta, ice, lemon, it goes down too well. The house music fades away and it dawns on you. Ebony Emili’s set is about to start. You throw back the orangey goodness (probably should have drunk it slower bc the bubbles were spicey), and barely notice as your booty starts shaking to the beats and your ears start wiggling to the melodies. Probs should get that checked out.

You’re reeling. There’s been so much good music tonight you can’t believe your luck, it’s like Christmas but in December. You think about heading back to the bar, but if you so much as look at the soda gun you’re gonna be bouncing off the walls for the rest of the night. Busseys are here to finish off the night. You’ve heard that the members play instruments and make noises out of their mouths, and now you know it to be true. You have a lovely night and the go to bed the end.